Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

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Bombing of Palestinian Refugee Camps, 819-829

Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin, Professor of Psychology of University of Haifa, characterizes Israeli so-called expertise on terrorism merely "propaganda or disinformation," 822

Ben-Gurion, David, is architect of wanton bombing, 821

Bombings of Palestinian refugees are cold-blooded massascres, 821

Dayan, General Moshe, lied about murder of 46 Egyptian schoolchildren in Israeli bombing raid, 820

Elazar, General David, admitted purpose of bombing was only "to make life unbearable" for Palestinians in refugee camps, 821

False claims of Israeli Intelligence, 821

Falsehoods about Israeli Air Force, 819

Israeli Air Force is offensive not defensive, 819-820

Israeli Air Force reputation over-rated, 820

Israeli air strikes deliberately aimed at civilian refugees, 820

Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies attempts to justify massacres, 821-822

Jerry Falwell on the Board of Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, 822

Merari, Ariel, Israeli so-called "terrorism expert" admits failure of Israeli use of bombing, 822

Partial list of massacres by Israeli wanton bombings of refugee camps, 1948- 1989, 823-827

Sharett, Moshe, opposed wanton bombing, 821

United States Department of Defense officials complain about Israeli misuse of United States made aircraft, 820

Capital Ownership in Palestine, 61-63

Areas purchased by Jews, 62

Buildings and apartments, 63

Citrus groves, 62

Industry, ownership, 63

Jewish National Fund study on land ownership, 62-63

Land in Jewish possession, 62-64

Land ownership, 61-64

Livestock, 64

Motor vehicles, 63

Rural lands, value, Arab and Jewish, 64

Check-points, (see Collective Punishment), 585-591

Christian Holy Places, Destruction and Usurpation, 395-412

All Christian denominations attacked by Zionists, 405-407

Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem in 1920 denounced Zionist objectives, 395

Bitterness in Bethlehem, 404

Burning the New Testament, 395

Campaign against Christian missionaries, 401

Cemeteries, Desecration of Christian, 398-399

Christian Evangelists support Zionism, 395, 407, 410

Christian Pilgrims deceived, 404-405

Christian Union of Palestine, 396-398

Convents and Christian institutions occupied, 397-398

Desecration of Christian Holy places in 1948, 396-398

Desecration of Christian Holy places in 1967-1969, 399-400

Destruction and desecration of Christian Holy places after 1948, 398-399

Destruction of Beit Nuba, Emmaus and Yalu, 400-401

Heads of Christian Churches in Jerusalem condemn the criminal Israeli measures against Palestinians during the Intifada, 410

Killing Christian civilians, including women and children advocated by Rabbi of Israeli Army Central Command, 405

Obliteration of Christian Shrines, 403

Palestine Christians oppose partition and creation of Jewish state, 396

Persecution of Baptists in Israel, 407-410

Persecution of Christians in Israel, 401-403

Attacking Christian meetings, 401

Beating Christian women, 402

Persecuting families of mixed marriages, 402

Persecuting parents for sending children to Christian schools, 401-402

Preventing mention of Jesus or Christianity in public meetings, 402

Testimony of Christian clergy, 398

MacMahon, Msgr. Thomas, 398

Rezk, Father A., 398

St. Jean, Father Pascal, 398

Vergani, Msgr., 398

Uprooting Christianity from Holy Land, 395-396

World Council of Churches condemns Israeli unlawful occupation, 410-411

Yossef, Chief Rabbi Ovadiah, issued a ruling New Testament should be burned, 395

Zionists hate Christianity and Christians, 403-404

Closures, (see Collective Punishment), 585-591

Collective Punishment, 585-591

Body searches for purpose of humiliating Palestinians, 586

Business closed, 587

Humiliating and assaulting Palestinians at Allenby bridge, 586-587

Inhuman treatment at checkpoints, 585-586

Israeli objective for collective punishment to force Palestinians to depart as prelude to their expulsion, 587

Labor Union offices closed, 587

Testimony of Israeli soldiers about beating Palestinians, 587-588

Universities and schools, curfews at, attacks on, and closures of, 587-591

Concentration Camps and Prisons, 593-637

Amnesty International report, 614

Bound like animals, 618-619

Brutality in Israeli concentrations camps, 599-602

Cases of Palestinians tortured by Israelis, 594-599

Abdel-Karim, Omar, 595-596

Afouri, Nader, 596-599

Harb, Ghassan, 594-595

Daily practices in Israeli prisons, 609-610

Forms of Torture, 594-619

Attaching leg chains, 597-598, 611

Ballpoint pen refill pushed into penis, 594

Beating on the soles of feet, 595

Bites by dogs, 594

"Blanket method" - covering the head of a prisoner and beating him until he is unconscious, 595

Blows by rods on the genitals, 594, 613

Breaking ribs during interrogation, 595-596

Bums with cigarette stub, 594, 597

Confining in space 2 feet square x 5 feet high, 594

Covering naked prisoners with whitewash and forcing them to sit in the sun until it bakes, 616

Cutting veins and arteries causing death by bleeding, 607

Drugs placed in tea, 610

Electric shocks at the temples, the mouth, chest and testicles, 594, 596

Forcing a wide bottle or cucumber up rectum, 596, 619

Forcing victim to crawl on his knees on sharp stones, 595, 597

Midday outside roll-calls and body check lasting 3 or 4 hours while standing at attention in the blistering sun, 619

Murder by beating, 618

Murder by force-feeding salt water through a tube inserted in the nose to simulate "death by pneumonia," 612-613

Smashing fingers, 612

Snakes, scorpions and rodents infesting many cells, 610

Stick shoved up vagina, 594

Suspension off the ground by the hand until loss of consciousness, 594

Testicles squeezed and hosed with ice water, 594, 605

Torture by being locked in a small metal cabinet with a fire heated around it for 5 or 6 minutes, causing near suffocation, 601

Tying up and blindfolding for many days, 594, 616

"Wall treatment" - forced to stand for days without being allowed to sit or lie down, 601

Ill-treatment from reception to release, 617-618

Israeli concentration camps and prisons, 593-620

Ansar 1, 602, 616

Ansar 2, 616-619

Ansar 3, 615-616, 619-620

Ashkelon, 599

Athlit, 598

Beersheba, 599, 611

Be'er Ya'akov, 599, 615

Damun, 599, 610-611

Fara'a, 603-605, 615

Gaza, 599

Hebron, 597-599

Jalameh, 599, 609-610

Jenin, 599

Jericho, 599

Jneid, 615

Kfar Yona, 599, 610

Meggido Military Prison, 607, 598

Moscobiya (Russian Compound) - Jerusalem, 594-597

Nablus, 597, 599

Nafha, 599, 611-613

Neve Tirza/Neve Tertza, 599, 611

Qeziot, 620

Ramallah, 597, 616

Ramle, 599, 610

Sarafand, 608, 615

Shatta, 599, 611

Sidon, 605-607

Tulkarrn, 599

Tyre, 599

Israeli guards use Nazi guards' methods, 599

Israeli prison ordinance does not define prisoners' rights, 608-609

Israeli prisons, conditions in, 607-608

Kotler report about Israeli prisons, 610-611

Number of prisoners escalates with Lebanon war, 598-599

Patterns of torture, 594

Prevalence of torture, 593-594

Prisoners denied, 595, 602-603, 607-611, 613-614, 616-617, 619

Access to counsel denied, 595, 611, 619

Access to International Red Cross representatives denied, 613-614

Access to printed material and writing supplies denied, 619

Access to sanitary facilities for several days denied, 619

Adequate diet, 603, 610

Adequate space, up to 80 prisoners in a small room, 611

Adequate ventilation, 611

Change of clothing, 619

Identities of their torturers, 595

Medical treatment, 602, 607, 610-611, 616

Protection from arbitrary punishment, 608-609

Water for three or four days, 617, 619

Red Cross allowed limited access to Israeli prisons and concentration camps, 613-614, 620

Summary of conditions in Israeli concentration camps, 614-615

The Times (London) report on Israeli prison conditions, 593-598

Conspiracy to Usurp Palestine from its People, 1-4

Areas of Zionist ambitions, 1

Herzl wanted the area "from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates," 1

Bodenheimer, Max Isidor, co-conspirator with Herzl, wrote the Constitution of Jewish National Fund, 1

Boundaries claimed by Zionists: 2

Include Southern Lebanon, part of Sinai, and all Palestine and Jordan, 2

Conspiracy to usurp Palestine from its people, 1-4

Herzl conspired with Max Isidor Bodenheimer to usurp the Arab lands from the Nile to the Euphrates, 1

Herzl, Theodor, stated: 1

Wanted area "from the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates," 1

"We shall try to spirit the indigenous population across the border," 1

Jewish National Fund, Constitution of, 1

Written by Max Isidor Bodenheimer, co-conspirator with Herzl, 1

Peace conference, Zionist memorandum to, 2

Zionist claim boundaries, including Southern Lebanon, part of Sinai, and all Palestine and Jordan, 2


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