Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

Issa Nakhleh

Senior Advisor UN Palestinian Delegation
The Arab Higher Committee for Palestine
(December 14, 1915 March 29, 2003)


Biographical Scetch

ISSA NAKHLEH was a Palestinian Christian, born in the Shepherd's Field in Palestine. He was a graduate of the London University (LL.B. ) and a Barrister at Law of the on our able Society of Lincoln's Inn, London. He was a member of the Palestine Bar and a member of many Bar associations in the Arab World.

He represented the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine in New York City 1947-1948. He was a Representative of The League of Arab States in Latiin America, with an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1956-1957, with the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary.

For the last 40 years Issa Nakhleh was representing the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine in New York City. He attended more than forty sessions of the United Nations General Assembly and made more than fifty speeches in the Special Political Committee of the United Nations on the Problem of Palestine.

Issa Nakhleh is the author of the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem in two volumes which is the subject of this website. It has 41 Chapters and 1091 pages, with voluminous footnotes and 60 pages of photos. It deals with the ancient and modern history of Palestine, the political and religious questions and all United Nations Resolutions and the Principles of International Law and Justice relating to the Palestine Question.

He was a member of ASIL (American Society of International Law) and the International Law Association of London. He was a Panelist about Self -Determination in the Case of Palestine i n
the 82nd Annual Meeting of ASIL, April 30-23, 1988. He took part in a panel about the Israeli - Palestinian Dispute in the Annual Conference of the American Bar Association held i n Chicago
in August, 1990.

Issa Nakhleh was a Legal Advisor to a number of Arab Delegations to the United Nations.